Bringing the emotion back into the property experience

Buying a house is an emotional experience. And I’m not just talking about the eye-watering cost of stamp duty. No, I’m talking about the first conversation you have with your partner about making the leap onto the ladder, the weeks and months of frantic saving, the difficult financial conversations with family, the homes you fall in love with and then lose, the hours of negotiating on your non-negotiables, the packing up of childhood belongings, the decisions on what goes in which place, the first celebratory glass of champagne.

Then, you have The Process that sits alongside this…applying for a mortgage, getting surveys done, getting more surveys done, getting ripped off, negotiations through solicitors, exchanging, completing, moving.

Having recently heaved my way onto the property ladder in London, and waved goodbye to my fair share of dodgy landlords I’m calling for a serious overhaul of the whole property experience. There are so many opportunities to tap into the emotional experience everyone goes through when buying a property yet so little seems to be being done. Whether renting, buying or selling, the property market is an industry crying out for some ‘experience design’ thinking and there are huge opportunities to get this important, and emotional, experience right.

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7 pieces of advice from Dolly Jones, Condé Nast Digital Strategy Director

Dolly Jones

A week ago, last Thursday evening I had a fantastic opportunity to hear Dolly Jones, the newly appointed Digital Strategy Director at Condé Nast Digital, speak about her career. After Dolly’s talk, Niki Mossman from Colour Me Beautiful image consultancy did a session asking ‘Can what you wear make a difference in business’, which I’ve also blogged about here. Continue reading “7 pieces of advice from Dolly Jones, Condé Nast Digital Strategy Director”

Amazon’s new physical store launches this week; will it deliver on customer experience?

Various reports have surfaced in the last week around Amazon’s new physical store. There were unconfirmed reports of the store being on 34th Street in Manhattan however Amazon has confirmed that West is Best and the pop-up store will be in San Francisco and open this coming Wednesday, 22nd October. Many online retailers have attempted to boost sales by opening pop-up stores and this is not Amazon’s first foray into the physical world with Amazon lockers now commonplace on the high street.

Their timing is textbook, right in time for the holiday season and the store will be stocked full of Fire and Kindle products, encouraging people to ‘try before they buy’. This strategy is what keeps the high street surviving as whilst online shopping grows year on year, customers are still drawn to the actual tangible items in a physical store.

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The Big Apple Part 3: Presenting at innovation day

The Big Apple Part 3: Presenting at innovation day

The ability to present is a crucial part of any job. Consulting in particular requires you to be confident, and able to communication in a range of styles and to a range of levels. At school and university I enjoyed giving presentations and I didn’t get put-off by large audience so I was looking forward to the challenge of presenting my material on the Campus Tour and augmented reality. Continue reading “The Big Apple Part 3: Presenting at innovation day”

The Big Apple Part 2: In at the deep end

Once I’d waved my mum off on her flight back to the UK after our 4 days of exploring snowy New York City, I headed back to the hotel – time to start planning my 10 days working with the New York IBM team.

Having joined the company just four months previously, and still feeling like I was a very, very tiny cog in the huge machine, I now faced my biggest challenge to date: meeting global leaders, executives, partners one-on-one, and then presenting to a room full of them!

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Millennials are the experts at merging online and offline

We are the tech- savvy generation. We are renowned for our digital prowess and our native multiple device use. We have coined phrases such as: “There’s an app for that” and “Just google it!” So, it’s no wonder that a recent USA Today article seemed fascinated that millennials actually prefer face-to-face interaction, working in the office as opposed to remotely, and in-person collaboration.

The research behind the article has 3 main findings:

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