About Em’s Scrapbook

Em3Hi everyone, I’m Emily and welcome to my blog. I’m a customer experience consultant working to help brands create new digital experiences for people. I’ve created this blog  to share things I’ve learnt in my job, as well as a place to store memories, recipes, photos and more.

I’ve always kept travel journals, notes of things I’ve learnt and memories along the way so it made sense to combine it all in this scrapbook. You’ll also find a lot of my CX-focused posts on Medium.

  • experience: I’ve always been really interested in how companies build great brands through today’s buzzwords of ‘customer experience (CX)’ or ‘service design’, and through my role as a consultant I help a variety of brands with this – so I blog about my experience in this area
  • life: as a strong believer of not separating work and life, I also blog about what’s top of mind – could be a recipe, photos from a day out or top brunch spots in London
  • learning: this is a space for me to write notes to myself as a reminder and a record of anything I’ve seen / read / realised that I want to remember 

I’ve also got pages specially for my career story and CV. I wanted to create this as it’s slightly different from a formal CV or LinkedIn page, but helps me show how I’m navigating my career, even though I’m still early on!

I hope you like my site, please let me know in the comments or on social media if you do 🙂



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