The Big Apple Part 3: Presenting at innovation day

The ability to present is a crucial part of any job. Consulting in particular requires you to be confident, and able to communication in a range of styles and to a range of levels. At school and university I enjoyed giving presentations and I didn’t get put-off by large audience so I was looking forward to the challenge of presenting my material on the Campus Tour and augmented reality.

The innovation day I presented at was a day dedicated to networking and collaboration within the business, and I’d been given a special slot after the IBM Interactive Experience session which explored IBM’s newest global consulting function. I wanted to remember for future some top tips I followed for my presentation, and the impact they had, so I’ve jotted them down here, and also added some photos of me presenting!

1. Make it personal.

Industry themes currently are all about personalisation and being customer-centric. So, to start, I pulled up 4 photos that sum up my main interests such as human geography, lacrosse, millennials, and my work at IBM .

Impact: I instantly made connections and rapport with all of the audience, and made myself more authentic ans they could see my personality.

2. Attack of the senses.

I used video and also an audio clip to help highlight my point. Often, not everything has to be explained through words and diagrams.

Impact: The audience were engaged continuously as I moved between talking though slides, to playing some music and generating a discussion, to playing short visual clips.

3. Understand your message.

I summarised the key thinking behind the augmented reality into a combination of two ideas: being relevant and being accessible. This simplification allowed me to move the discussion in any way, and I could be reactive to questions and comments.

Impact: Whilst planning my slides I realised I didn’t need to rehearse as much as I had thought. This is because I knew the project and the ideas behind it so deeply that I could distill two key messages that the audience can easily digest and understand.




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