The Big Apple Part 2: In at the deep end

Once I’d waved my mum off on her flight back to the UK after our 4 days of exploring snowy New York City, I headed back to the hotel – time to start planning my 10 days working with the New York IBM team.

Having joined the company just four months previously, and still feeling like I was a very, very tiny cog in the huge machine, I now faced my biggest challenge to date: meeting global leaders, executives, partners one-on-one, and then presenting to a room full of them!

My objective in the US was to talk to as many people as possible, network, make connections, whilst showcasing the way we had used augmented reality on the Campus Tour to meet the challenge of attracting new graduates to our programme.

Through my contacts and colleagues in the UK, I had managed to set up several important meetings with senior leaders. Whilst I could have got myself very worked up with the rank of these people and the opportunity I had, my tactic was to just chat, be personable and talk through my I’m so enthusiastic about the Campus Tour project and what I want to do in the future.

And it worked! I got some incredible feedback from those meetings and was starting to feel less of a cog, and have more confidence in my validity to be over there talking to these people.

“Think, speak, dress at the level you want to be”

I learnt this was the key. Drawing on my years of acting experience – I achieved LAMDA Grade 8 with distinction at school – I put myself in the shoes of…someone who knew what they were doing basically!


Me with some of my fellow IBM graduates!
Me with some of my fellow IBM graduates!

So, how did the big presentation go? Find out shortly in Part 3….


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