The Big Apple Part 1- it all started with a tweet…

Back in December 2013 I met the US lead of my graduate programme when she visited London. I showed her the ideas we had in about the Campus Tour, and we got talking
about all the other things I was involved in.

I said that I had holiday already planned for mid-February with my mother in New York. This would be my mum’s first Stateside visit and we’d planned it for a long time. I said that during that time I would try and meet up with a New York colleague I was introduced to through my mentor over Twitter.

“Why don’t you just extend your flights and stay to work from our Madison Avenue office?”

YES! I jumped at the chance. Only 2 months into working at IBM I was already realising the consultant’s life of travelling the world, it’s what I’d been so excited for – I couldn’t wait.

So, sure enough when the 16th of February came around, and I’d been to 18 of our 25 universities on the UK Campus Tour, I landed in The Big Apple – with my mum – for some tourist time, then the biggest business challenges I’d faced in IBM so far.

Hopefully the photos below will give you some idea of the incredible things we packed into the first 4 days out there. But this was just the beginning. Nearly 2 weeks later, I’ve presented to a room full of senior IBMers and partners, showed the augmented reality to several different executives and had a week of ‘firsts’! Find out more about what else I got up to in the NY office in the next post.


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