IBM: 3 months in…

Since I joined IBM in October 2013, my feet have barely touched the ground! As a Business Consultant I joined the Consulting by Degrees programme and was given the role of project manger of the IBM UK Campus Tour 2014.

The IBM Southbank lobby showing the augmented reality display stand in the background.
The IBM Southbank lobby showing the augmented reality display stand in the background.

What a challenge! In under 3 months I have had led the project through concept proposal, design, build, test and delivery. I’ve worked closely with marketing and technology partners to produce an augmented reality display stand that we are taking round 25 UK universities in 25 days. I’ve been given the opportunity to present this material to senior global IBM Consulting leaders to inspire them to adopt the creative millennial approach to client presentations.

I’ve found that IBM is a company that will really support millennial creativity and wants to utilise our energy whilst enabling me to learn from my colleagues’ depth and breadth of experience. This is evident in the insightful discussions I have with my mentor, Andrew Grill, about what it means to be a millennial, social media, digital trends and much more! Explaining to him just exactly why I use SnapChat has certainly got to be a highlight…

The next 3 months will be filled with a good deal of travel as I traverse the length of the country on the IBM Campus Tour, I’m then off to New York to present the tour to the US Consulting executives….follow the blog for all the latest news on this!

Virtual Steph ‘comes alive’! Our ‘virtual grads’ come to life when scanned with our app. Students can then take a photo with the virtual grad and enter it straight into our Twitter competition.



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